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 Clément Guntz,
        In 1993, Clément prepares for his diploma as a mountaineering instructor.
He coaches the best young mountaineers in the FFME (French Mountaineering Federation).
        With them, he does the "chandelle du Freney" on Mt Blanc.
        The direct American route on the west face of the Dru next to Chamonix.
        Several hundred ascents in the Alps.
        In 2000, opening of a new route on the south face of Churup in Solo, Cordillera Blanca in Peru.
        Two Himalayan 7000 metres in one week...
        Since 2008 he has specialised as a guide in canyoning and climbing. He never tires of marvelling at the beauty of canyons and cliffs (Verdon, Southern Alps, Jura, Valis, Ticino, ...)
         He remains true to his passion ...

         Clément sometimes turns down guests so as not to overload the group. He doesn't take any risks and prefers to cancel an excursion if the conditions aren't good.
          Clément often goes climbing in winter and is a canyoning guide in summer. This is how he preserves his passion. He only takes very small groups with him to better ensure their and his enjoyment.



GUIDE Canyon
Carte Professionnelle N°06708ED0003

Siret : 482 856 473 00038

RC Professionnelle :
Gruppenvertrag bei der Gewerkschaft von dem Kletterlehrer und Führer Canyon. (SNAPEC)







Clément Guntz - 6515 Gudo - Ticino